Shopping Carts ~ many varieties

Choosing a shopping cart can be daunting task. There are lots of options, some of which are free.

Your needs will determine which one is best suited for you.

The free shopping carts, such as PayPal require programming knowledge. Although they provide great examples, unless you're familiar with the process, it might be beyound your scope.

On-line shopping carts are easier to manage but usually are setup in such a way as to make to difficult for search engines to understand. In these cases, it's important that all of the existing pages in your website do the SEO work that the on-line shopping cart can't provide.









E-Commerce Solutions - WooCommerce

A current popular shopping cart today is using the WooCommerce platform. It intragrates with WordPress. It can be used as a simple catalogue of shopping cart items (no on-line purchases) or turning on the e-commerce feature to allow the actual purchase of an item.

It works with a variety of online payment gateways and also has the option to use their own custom themes (like WordPress does) for a look and fell to suit your design needs.

If you don't currently use WordPress it's easy to learn and manage. It also allows you to add non-shopping cart pages to your website.

Other Shopping Cart Solutions

PayPal Basic Shopping Cart

Want a simple shopping cart solution with easy integration with your product list? PayPal is a option.

With PayPal you can collect client information and also setup an auto responder message to promote additional 'up' sales; the cart that allows visitors to purchase on-line. As with all carts it takes time to setup and making changes requires someone who really understands the code and the process.

OsCommerce Shopping Cart

Our staff have worked with other shopping carts solutions as well. One of those is Os Commerce.

A great shopping cart without all the bells and whistles that are provided with AutomationWiz.

The shopping cart includes a database that you can use for on-line inventory management. Another nice feature is that clients can setup their own accounts, a nice 'extra' feature. Yes, it does take time and some expertise to get it established and integrated into your website, but the results are worth it.

Most small business see a 35% increase in sales after they include a shopping cart in their website.